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31 December 2008 @ 10:00 pm
Hey guys,
Happy New Year!!! RIGHT? I know I have been completely neglecting this site but that's because I've been extremely busy with school and such. I never get time to go on the computer and just make graphics anymore. Be patient because I'm working on a new batch and will soon be online (hopefully *_*). Anyways though, this is an awesome new layout which I got from refutare. It's a cute new layout for a (hopefully *fingers crossed*) an awesome new year.
I really appreciate some of you still stay and visit. Stay in contact with us by leaving a comment or whatever~ Anyways, have a good day and celebrate for 2009.
- Kiki
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31 August 2008 @ 08:46 pm
Hey, so 2 updates in one weekend - Yeah, I have no life but that's okay because I love doing graphics! So, makethislove found some really cool fashion pictures and requested that make some banners. I hate taking requests because I never know what anyone wants but hopefully these are okay.
All lyrics are from Foo Fighter's Everlong.

4 Fashion banners

I'm not gonna dance w/ nobody but you...Collapse )

Resources: monstreum, ohfreckle

Requests Rules:

Yeah, so if you guys want to make requests too, that would be pretty cool w/ me. I can do icons, banners, and wallpaper (collages). I would really appreciate it if you are a member or a watcher or whatever just so I know there is a good chance you might actually be back to see me post the request stuff.
Also, don't feel like you have to use anything I made. I can't read your mind so I don't usually know what you actually want.
When you make a request, it'll be great for both of us that you have an image in mind and a certain color theme and whatever text you want. Check out my other posts and see my style. If that's what you like and there's something you can't find online, make a request!!
Anyways, toodles~

Please comment and add love_ink if you like what you see.
Also, I'm looking for affiliation w/ other graphics communities/pages, please comment here too!

- Being affiliates means that you'll see comments from me and I will try to promote you and such. I pretty much expect the same from you as my affiliate!
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30 August 2008 @ 03:09 pm
Wow, I didn't think I was going to update anytime this week. School started and I usually don't come home until 8 in the evening. Anyways though, I managed just for you lovely viewers! Honestly, I love making and designing art but it wouldn't be the same without people coming to visit - so thank you!
This week, I made some Gossip Girl stuff - which is weird because I don't watch the show... but whatever. Also, I got a request sort of to make fashion banners and whatnots so here they are. Enjoy!

14 Blake Lively Icons
2 Blake Lively Collages 800x600
2 Fashion Collages 800x600
5 Friends Only Banner (2 are from Gossip Girl)
2 Gossip Girl Blank Banners

* Blank banners are for you guys to put whatever text you want on them as long as you still credit me for the background


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Resources: mixologies, ohfreckle, lookslikerain, monstreum
That's all for now - Please COMMENT!! <<---- I would love any critiques, suggestions, requests!!
Also, reminder: Please upload them onto your own server especially if they are the banners because they might take up too much bandwidth and would be not good.
Please join/become a member if you really like what you see!!
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23 August 2008 @ 02:40 pm
So I started working this week so I didn't have that much time to make any icons or anything like that. I actually started on Thursday night so I didn't make my usual Friday updates but you have to admit - I've been really good about the updates and stuff~ I did manage to make some quote icons. Okay, these quotes are lyrics from songs I've been listening to lately - Paramore, Innerpartysystem, Carolina Liar... there's some Madonna in there... I don't know. Also, I also made band icons - kinda a new style for me. I was just messing around w/ this texture that I got a long time ago. AND ALSO - Beijing Olympics 2008 icons, a little late but whatever. Yes indeed - and man, those rings are a pain to make. Okay, enough talking - check them out!!

13 Quote lyrics icons
6 Olympic icons
2 Madonna
2 30 Seconds to Mars
2 Muse
2 Paramore
1 Cold Play
1 OneRepublic
2 Hayley Williams Banners


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Resources: ohfreckle, lookslikerain, dafont

That's all!! Well, I hope you guys can make use of some of them. I know quote icons are kinda weird.
COMMENTS are so appreciated!! I really want to hear feedback!!
Please join/become a member if you really like what you see!!
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15 August 2008 @ 10:21 pm
Hey, so I just wanted to make a final big post before school starts for me and school begins to get insane. This time, I made icons for the women that I either think are pretty or really talented. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!!

4 Jennifer Morrison
4 Naomi Watts
4 Kristen Bell
4 Natalie Portman
4 Hayley Williams from Paramore
4 Christina Applegate
3 Friends Only Banners


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Resources: ohfreckle, lookslikerain, nineteen07
Wooh! SO, please comment because I would love to know if it's good. Also, if you like what you see then please add yourself as a member! W00t~

If you have time, please watch my House MD MV on Youtube. That'll be great.

Thanks for looking!!
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09 August 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Hey, so this is a small little post because I haven't been able to do much lately. Instead of working w/ icons, I was drawn to the bigger collagy stuff. The icons are not made by me. They made by another designer who doesn't have a livejournal and doesn't think she should get one anytime soon so contact her if you need anything concerning her icons.
Edit (1 hour later): Made another House friends only banner. Bye.

5 House icons
2 House Friends Only Banner
2 House collages or 800x600 wallpapers
(For you House fans - one for Huddy (I LOVE!!) and one for... I guess... Chameron)


I got, you want, it's just, don't stop...Collapse )

Resources: ohfreckle, elli, sxc, CrazyKira

Anyways, we did for you HOUSE fans!
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01 August 2008 @ 11:32 pm
So, I'm in love w/ HOUSE M.D.!! I love Hugh Laurie and everyone else!! So, I made a bunch of this to show my appreciation for the show and... quotes from The Watchmen trailer (such an awesome trailer)... and Casino Royale!!!

7 Casino Royale
14 House
5 Random Quotes


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