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Hello and welcome to Love Ink, a graphic community that is being maintained by norngpinky and pipbongbb. Love Ink was opened on Semtember 05, 2006. This community displays graphic designs such as icons, wallpapers, banners, etc. but it focuses mostly on icons. All the graphics are original works and are not stolen from anyone else. Also, we often do credit the resources that we used in our work. Since this community is an open community, anyone can join and free of charge.

By using any of the graphics displayed in this community you are agreed to follow these terms of usage.

1). Please give credit. Link back to this community.
2). No redistribution without notifying us about it first.
3). If they are not made you, don't claim that you made them!
4). Never edit or alter the graphics without permission from the designer.

Basically, we just want you to email or give us a message every time you want to use it for something besides personal use.
Comments when using icons are greatly appreciated. We would love it to hear from you and what you think we should do to make this community a better place.

+ Posting: There is a limitation on the posting of this community. There will be a message saying a moderator to look over your work before you post just in case there are some inappropriate things that don't belong in this community. Also, we like every posts to be tagged so if they aren't, the moderator will fix that for you. We do encourage members to show off their work.

+ Affiliation: If you would like to affiliate with Love Ink, please email us or comment on one of the entries. We would like to get to know other graphic communities so if you think we can relate to each other, feel free to be affiliates w/ us.

+ Resources: Read some of pipbongbb's memories. There are some good tutorials and resources there.
layout: refutare
frequently used graphics: ohfreckle, ewanism, dearest, elli, discolore
useful sources: texturize, icon_tutorial

If you're using our icons on LJ, this is how you can credit us.
How to credit a community